澳门太阳城现金网 1.Do not tell me the books you have read,let me glean it from your conversation .Do not tell me of the people you associate with,let me observe it by your manners.不必告诉我你曾经读过什么书,我可以从你的言谈中察知。不必告诉我你同什么人交往,我可以从你的举止中看出。
2.判断一个人,不是根据他自己的表白或对自己的看法,而是根据他的行动?!心?br /> "Judge a person, not according to his own confession, or for their own views, but according to his actions. - Lenin "
If we are to do their ability to do it, we would call surprise ourselves.
Life is like a play, play, as in life, everyone has played different roles.
"Life is like a pendulum, shaking between pain and boredom, its power is desire. Selected from: Motto ( "
6.蔚蓝的天空虽然是美丽,经常风云莫测的人切是起落无从。但他往往会成为风云人物,因为他经得起大风大浪的考验?!胶H?br /> "Although the blue sky is beautiful, often unpredictable situation of people cut is landing impossible. But he tends to become a man, because he can stand the test of storms. - Fang Sea Power "
Habit is habit, and not to be flung out of the window by any man, only step by step and led downstairs.
"The greatest tragedy in life is not to lose too much, but care too much, which is leading an important reason people are not happy."